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Kurvy Contour Belt
Kurvy Contour Belt

Kurvy Contour Belt

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Love the Firm 3 Row Hooks & Accuracy of the Classic Corset?? Now Add TRIPLE Contour Belts for the PERFECT FIT. With Consistency, The Classic Contour Belt Produces Remarkable Results in Just a Few Weeks!

Recommended Wear: 4-6 Hours a Day, 3-4 Times  a Week

Benefits: Expedites Weight Loss; Sheds Inches, Corrects Posture, Aids With Diet Control. 

Material-- Core: 100% Latex; Lining: 100%

Boning-- Flexible & Durable

3 Rows of Hooks: Allow You to Adjust Size As Necessary

3 Adjustable Contour Belts

Perfect For: Gym or Work. The Straps May Show Through Work Attire Depending On Fabric.

 Shipping 2-3 Business Days